Financial Assistance

Parish Subsidy

The Nativity B.V.M. Finance Committee, in conjunction with the Parish staff, wishes to reiterate the established policy concerning subsidy of our young people at Nativity B.V.M. Elementary School. In order for students to receive subsidized tuition at either school, the following must be adhered to:

  1. The family must be registered in Nativity B.V.M. Parish.
  2. The family must contribute to the support of the Parish through regular use of the envelope system or some other agreed upon service.
  3. The family MUST attend weekend Mass with the Parish family at Nativity B.V.M.
  4. The family must submit a completed application.
Parish Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available for families through their individual parishes or through Nativity School’s Evangelization Grant. A family interested in applying for  assistance from Nativity School or Nativity Parish must request an application and return the completed application to the school by the last school day of April. Requests for tuition assistance from other Catholic parishes must be made directly to that pastor.

The Nativity School Foundation

The goal of this Foundation is to reduce tuition costs, which will allow existing families to continue sending their children to Nativity BVM, while also encouraging new enrollment. This  year, the Foundation provided $275 for each Nativity student toward tuition costs for the 2019-2020 school year. For more information, visit

Guardian Angel 

Guardian Angel is a Scholarship Assistance Program for Diocese of Biloxi Catholic School, Kindergarten – 6th Grade. Last year, Nativity BVM Elementary School was blessed to receive over $5,000 in Guardian Angel donations. Those funds were used to help pay tuition costs for families in need. For more information, visit our Guardian Angel Program.

Evangelization Grant

For more information on the Evangelization Grant, please contact Traci Kessler, Principal, at or contact Nativity School Office at 228.432.2269.