Payment & Order Information

*Yearbooks are now available for sale

Hard Cover: $23.50

Soft Cover: $20.00

E Book: Free


2) Click Order

3) You will need to create an account.

4) Type student first name, last name, and grade level

5) Choose quantity for hard cover or soft cover and e book

6) Click Checkout

7) Type in payment information (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), address, and phone number.

8) Write down the order number here ___________________________, and print the email confirmation to

keep for your records.

9) The deadline for order is April 14, 2017. The yearbooks will be sent to the school in a bulk order.

10) If you are paying with a check to the school this does not apply to you because your yearbook is not

customizable. For online orders, you must choose a back cover for your yearbook, or it will be

WHITE. You may personalize and add as many photos as you would like on the four personalized

pages. You may purchase additional personalized pages too. Please watch video tutorials for any


11) For additional information, please contact Brooke 

Download PDF for Printing