Nativity BVM School
1046 Beach Blvd.
Biloxi, MS. 39530

Welcome to Nativity BVM School!

As principal of Nativity BVM School, I am delighted to have this opportunity to share some things about our school. In 1875, the first children of Nativity Parish began school at Sacred Heart Academy, located immediately behind the church. In 1956, the elementary school was relocated to its current property, six blocks away. This current beachfront location provides safe, neighborhood surroundings for our little “saints.”

This school year marks our 141st/60th school year! What a milestone! What an opportunity for prayer and celebration! We remember those who have gone before us and helped to make our school what it is today: the American Sisters of Mercy who first staffed the school when it opened in 1875; the Sisters of Mercy from Ireland who nurtured our students from 1958 until 1994; the former teachers and staff members; the countless families and benefactors who have shared so much with our school; those who have served as members of our School Advisory Council, Parent Association (NPA) and various committees and of course, the children. We thank God for the blessing of our past and present “Nativity Saints.”

Each year, we select a theme that will help us understand our faith and our relationship with God. Our theme this year is “Our God is an Awesome God!” As a school family we will help one another to see the “awesomeness” of God in the people and world around us. In doing so, we hope to make our world a better place.

May our school always be a place for children to grow in mind, body and soul. May God bless you with peace in your heart and in your home.

Sister Mary Jo Mike, OSF