Congratulations to the Nativity Drama Club on your OUTSTANDING performance in

Red vs. the Wolf

Red vs. the Wolf retells the story of Little Red Riding hood, but from the Wolf’s point of view.

The Cast:

Red Riding Hood: Teresa Skripek

Willard T. Wolf: Jackson McHarg

Stage Manager: Sofia Carreon

Red’s Mother: Abigayle Baldwin

Grandmother: Julia Landry

Woodcutter: Jospeh Pullen

Rabbit: Sabree Sanders

Raccoon: Sam Burke

Skunk: Chaz Byers

Deer: Landon Baxter

Butterfly: McKinzy Mathis

Bluebird: Hillary Perryman

Owl: Layla Dubra

Set Construction:

Judy Comeaux

David Pennell

Wanda Stewart

Katy Pennell

Kelly Pennell

Jen Byers


Colleen Stewart


Katy Pennell


Becky Rutz