Academic Program:

As students in an accredited school, Nativity B.V.M. children experience and participate in a wide range of learning activities.  Students in all grades study Science, Math, Social Studies, Language/Arts/Reading, Religion, Art, Music and Physical Education in a variety of ways.  Experimentation, “hands-on-learning”, differentiated instruction, individual, small group and large group instruction, all assist the child in developing potential and in learning necessary skills.


Nativity B.V.M. is accredited by the State of Mississippi and by AdvancED (formerly Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).  The school is an institutional member of the National Educational Association (NCEA) which includes over 7,100 Catholic elementary schools nationwide.  All teachers hold valid certification from the State of Mississippi.

Religious Formation:

Our goal as Catholic educators is to guide each child to live so that he/she may attain the happiness that comes with the living of a fully Christian life.  Parents/guardians are the first teachers.  We believe that we continue the faith development begun in the home and build on that foundation.  Families are encouraged to pray together daily and to worship together as a family with their parish.

Students who are Catholic and are in the second grade are invited to receive the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation for the first time.  Parents/guardians are expected to participate in adult preparation sessions that are given by members of the Parish staff in the months prior to the reception of the sacraments.  Information regarding the specific dates for the adult education programs will be given prior to the meetings and will appear on the monthly school calendar.

Parents of Catholic children in third through sixth grade who have not received the sacraments of Eucharist or Reconciliation should meet with the Principal to make arrangements to be included in the preparation.

Family members are always welcome to attend any religious celebration with the children.  A school liturgy, Mass or prayer service is celebrated several times each month.  Children are encouraged to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly.

Children attending Nativity B.V.M. School who are of other religious traditions are included in all school religious celebrations.  They are invited to participate as much as possible.