Twenty students from Nativity School qualified to participate in the Regional Science Fair which was held at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on March 1st. These first through sixth graders qualified for this honor because of their achievement at the school science fair.

Five students received special recognition in their divisions at the Regional Science Fair:

Arny Gollott (Gr. 2) – First Place

Wallace Boudreaux (Gr. 6) – Second Place

Wyeth Stewart (Gr. 4) – Fourth Place

Rylee Donohue (Gr. 5) and  Landon Baxter (Gr. 4) – tied for Sixth place

Thank you to the Science Fair Committee, Mrs. Colleen Kavanagh, Mrs. Nanette Burke and Dr. Debbie Nastasi and the entire faculty and staff of the school for making the Science Fair possible.